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                Lily & Beauty is authorized by and cooperates with the international top cosmetics groups, such as Kanebo, AmorePacific, Henkel, having obtained the authorization of more than 50 world famous brands including Sisley, Erno Laszlo, Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Schwarzkopf to sell their products in China, as a solid partner.


                Lily & Beauty is awarded the “Tmall Beauty Awards Annual Excellent Partner in 2019”

                On March 4th 2019, the 5th Tmall Beauty Awards event was held in Shanghai. Lily & Beauty won the “Tmall Beauty Awards Annual Excellent Partner in 2019”.

                Lily & Beauty created a new peak in the 2018 11.11 sale along with doubling the number of members in the Billion Dollars Club

                On the 2018 11.11 sale, Lily & Beauty’s new peak saw 6 partners become members of the Billion Dollars Club. These partners are: Schwarzkopf, Maybelline, Sulwhasoo, LANEIGE, Whoo and Freeplus.

                Lily & Beauty and Naterra International Group's two major brands were unveiled at the Import Expo

                On November 5th, the first China International Import Expo was officially opened in Shanghai. Lily & Beauty was the usher and led the two brands of Naterra International Group to the exhibition.

                Join hands with Costa Cruise to create “Sea Vitality” where Lily & Beauty will teach you new marketing strategies

                In the mid-autumn, a cruise on the sea, carefully customized by Lily & Beauty and Costa Cruise – how does “a great time at sea and awakening of vitality” bring a different drive to the new marketing model?



                Create Your Style! Schwarzkopf 120th Anniversary Ceremony Stunning Beauty